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Craige & Fox | Current Topics

Jennifer Roden participated in a Webinar hosted by Legal Aid of North Carolina on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The webinar entitled "Weathering the Storm: Disaster Preparedness for Pro Bono Attorneys CLE" provided attorneys who volunteer with Legal Aid of North Carolina with practical tips, guidelines, and resources to assist in representing victims of natural disasters in the State of North Carolina.

Ashley Michael attended training provided by The Cooperative Parenting Institute to qualify as a Parenting Coordinator (PC) on August 16-18, 2018

A PC can be court appointed or requested by one or both parents in high conflict custody cases where children are exposed to ongoing conflict due to a lack of communication and co-parenting.  A PC offers independent insight into children's needs and and best interests and may be able to minimize legal costs by reducing or eliminating the need for future litigation.  The requirements to achieve and maintain certification as a PC are:  (1) Masters or Doctorate degree in psychology, law, social work, counseling or a similar therapeutic field; (2) Five years of Family Law experience; (3) a current license in their related field; (4) 24 hours of initial training in  the developmental stages of children, high conflict families, stages and effects of divorce, problem solving techniques, mediation, and legal issues; (4) Continuing education, peer review, and support.

Jennifer Roden attended WILMA’s Leadership Accelerator held at the Wilmington Convention Center on July 19, 2018

The Leadership Accelerator helps develop more women leaders in Wilmington-area businesses, non-profits, government bodies and boards of directors.  This year's event provided  a key note panel discussion on creating a leadership culture and offered four different workshops.  Ms. Roden enjoyed learning key elements to motivate and engage others in the work place and how to widen her sphere of influence through meaningful networking.  

Ashley Michael attended the North Carolina State Bar Association’s (NCBA) webinar entitled “Mediation Ethics Family Feud” on July 6, 2018 to renew her Mediator certification with the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission (NCDRC)

Using a game show format, this Certified Mediator Education (CME) taught and tested knowledge of the resources, ethical constraints and regulatory requirements governing dispute resolution in North Carolina.

Ashley Michael and her Coastal Collaborative Colleagues (CCC) attended annual training via webinar on June 15 & July 13, 2018

The joint training sessions offered by the North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ) to the members and professionals of CCC included continuing education in the following areas: (1) Overview of the Collaborative Divorce process; (2) The lawyer's role in the Collaborative Divorce process;  (3) Financial neutrals: Bringing Trust and Transparency to the Collaborative Divorce process; and (4) Mental Health Neutrals: The Role of a Coach and Child Specialist.  Annual training provides CCC, a non-profit interdisciplinary practice group, with the opportunity to improve the quality of their skills and the resources available to the parties they serve.