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In working with an attorney you must choose one that meets your needs, you can trust, is cost-effective and which works with your personality and posture towards your legal matter. Clients in Family and/or Juvenile Law cases must engage in a lot of decision-making continually throughout their legal matter(s). It is possible at times that the attorney may give you “homework” in order to save money on legal costs, if the client so prefers. During your case the attorney and client can communicate in methods that are conducive to the client’s persona and preference. Usually the attorney will utilize email, mail, fax, phone calls and office appointments to communicate with the client. It is not always necessary to have face to face appointments. Ashley believes that while Family and/or Juvenile Law matters can be quite emotional and devastating they can also be handled with respect and integrity. She believes that an attorney and client must work together as a team to reach the client’s common goal(s).

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