Your North Carolina resource for adoption and Assisted Reproductive Technology counsel.

It is important to locate an attorney knowledgeable and skilled in North Carolina’s Adoption laws to assist you during this exciting and sensitive time in your family’s journey.  The main goals in Adoption and/or Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) matters are proactive and successful communication and the physical transfer of the adoptee in a timely manner.

Ashley represents either adoptive parents or biological parents and provides the following types of adoption services:

family adoption
  • Adult
  • Agency
  • Direct Placement
  • Indian/ICWA
  • Interstate (ICPC)
  • International/Foreign/Relative
  • Litigation/Contested Court Matters
  • Relative
  • Same-sex Spouse
  • Step-Parent
  • Termination of Parental Rights

Ashley understands the word “family” is not always defined by biology and Ashley “leans in” to listen to her clients.  She is one of few attorneys in Eastern North Carolina who practices and has significant experience in:  Adoption, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), Pre-birth Orders, Gestational Carrier/Surrogacy Agreements.

Ashley has extensive litigation experience using the Courts to identify a child’s parents on their birth certificate. Ashley filed an action to establish maternity and to amend a birth certificate when a Pre Birth Order was not issued prior to a child born out of Assisted Reproductive Technology.  Ashley has also successfully established paternity for a minor child of a deceased father by filing a Declaratory Judgment Action after the biological father passed away.  As a result of Ashely’s efforts, the Court ordered that the minor child’s birth certificate be amended to identify the biological father.

Ashley teaches colleagues across the state about Adoption law through webinars and continuing legal education classes and she is a legal resource for adoption agencies, Clerks of Court, local hospitals, and her peers. Ashley also provides Adoption services for foster children as a contract attorney approved by the Department of Health and Human Services for the New Hanover County Department of Social Services.

Ashley also has experience with Interstate adoptions. She can file in North Carolina and the Adoptee can leave with the Adoptive parents to the receiving state (where they reside) anywhere in the United States. Ashley has worked with local hospitals and adoption agencies from the Mountains to the Coast.