We’ll guide you through a collaborative approach to divorce. Divorce with dignity, with control, and without barriers.

Collaborative Divorce is the act of a guided, cooperative decision-making process between both spouses who are working together with the help of their own specifically trained collaborative attorneys.

During the collaborative process each party is represented by their own attorney. The attorneys are the guides, educators, and facilitators along the way.  Each party signs a legal contract (Pledge) which provides a safe space and time to settle the parties’ legal matters without the Court system while, in the event traditional divorce litigation is necessary, also preserving any statutory time frames and legal claims.

Collaborative divorce benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:
collaborative divorce meeting
  • Retain more control over case outcome
  • Set timeline of case and meetings
  • Potential to reduce legal fees and costs
  • Collaborative and interest-based negotiation
  • Models and teaches parties better co-parenting skills
  • Parents demonstrate to children how to solve problems
  • Relies on “Positive” communication strategies

During the collaborative divorce process, each spouse retains a collaborative law trained attorney.  Both spouses and their attorneys meet in a series of sessions. Each party retains attorney-client privilege and will meet individually with their own attorney in addition to the collaborative sessions with all parties. These series of collaborative divorce sessions lead to brainstorming and a paradigm shift of the parties’ interests, not positions, in a joint effort to meet both spouses’ needs.  Compromises are usually made and ultimately a comprehensive Separation Agreement is drafted and signed.  The Separation Agreement contains provisions that fits the needs of the parties, their children, and/or their businesses.

The parties cooperation in collaborative sessions allows and encourages them to divorce with dignity, leave their marriage with the respect for each other that they started with, demonstrate to their children that they can resolve their disputes, and encourages each of them to effectively co-parent and/or parallel parent to reduce the stress on their children.

If you are facing a divorce, separation or family dispute, consider speaking with a trained Collaborative Divorce attorney at Craige & Fox, PLLC in Wilmington, NC who will analyze all legal paths and options for your consideration.