We can help explain and act within your Resident’s rights.

Placing a loved one in a facility can be an extremely emotional time for families. Often placement in a facility happens after an emergency or brief stay in a hospital, or after care in the home is no longer feasible. When admitting a loved one into a facility like a nursing home or assisted living facility, the family will be likely be overwhelmed by admissions paperwork with terms and conditions that would be difficult to digest in the calmest of situations.

Once a loved one is placed in a facility, the family may be blindsided by a lack of communication from the facility and its caregiving team, threats of discharge of their loved one from the facility for various reasons, or disagreements concerning the facility’s responsibilities to care for their loved one.

Our attorneys are familiar with the state and federal regulations concerning Resident’s Rights while being admitted into and residing in a facility. It is important to meet with an Elder Law Attorney to review or discuss the below:

residents rights building
  • Admissions Agreements to a facility
  • Arbitration Agreements presented by a facility
  • Notice of Discharge or threats of discharge from a facility
  • Threats to cut services like physical or occupational therapy
  • Lawsuits filed against the Resident or family member for outstanding bills

Placing a loved one in a facility is difficult enough without the added pressure and confusion of the multiple legal documents presented to the family for quick signature. Seeking legal advice prior to signing any legal documents may prevent miscommunications and potential legal disputes later.

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