Our approach to elder law and its' importance.

As clients age they face changing circumstances, needs, and legal issues. The purpose of an elder law attorney is to help aging clients to legally navigate through the issues of life that arise simply because of age. Many of our services fall under the umbrella term of “Elder Law,” including but not limited to:

long term care planning meeting
  • Long-term Care, Assisted Living Care, and Health Care Planning
  • Nursing Home Resident’s Rights
  • Estate Planning
  • Living Arrangements and Family Care
  • Legal Guardianship of the Incapacitated
  • Medicaid Benefits
  • Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection
  • Fiduciary Litigation

Many adults are living in a generation split between caring for their children and their aging parents. Researching and discussing long-term care options, whether in-home care or a nursing home, can be a daunting task without an elder law attorney at hand. Having the advice of a professional helps a family make the right choices with confidence.

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